FRIdom – Family house in Friedrichshof, Austria

Little Austrian village Friedrichshof is strategical spot for our clients because of good connections to Bratislava and Vienna. Besides that it offers romantic scenery and community of people, that started in 70ties around artist Otto Muehl as infamous Austrian art movement.

Place: Friedrichshof
Year: 2016-17, study and construction plans
Team: Martin Boleš, Erika Bányayová
Cooperation: Aleš Berec, Martin Mazák
Budget: 250.000 EUR
Floor area: 120 m2
Status: Unrealised

Volume of the house divides its garden in four typological types, creating different experiences in different season and day time. South facing terrace, connecting living area with kitchen, works as external room as well. Night terrace on North offers necessary calm for its owners.

House is connected with 2 main axes that allows effective communication between night and day part of it. Spatially it is created out of four volumes with different functions and heights. There is reading gallery above living room as contrast to a strict horizontality with views to the surrounding landscape and architecture.

Structurally it is conceived as 2by4 timber structure insulated with wooden wool and boards.

  • Fyzický pracovný model