Lysbille – Glow-Worm for Valby

In the beginning of 2014 I took part in international competition of ideas INNOSITE – WINTER CITY in Copenhagen’s part Valby and this project has win a 3RD PRIZE. Organizers are looking for ideas on how to strengthen the experience surrounding an outdoor concert. Dark and cold weather must be incorporated and used as potentials to create an unique experience and inspire similar initiatives in the winter city.


Valby – Copenhagen, Denmark, Competition of ideas 2014

Project Team: Martin Boleš, Erika Bányayová


Easy-made and effective talisman is going to light up this year’s Frost Festival event. Every ice-skater is going to receive 2 Lysbille lights that could be attached to skating boots almost like spurs on a cowboy shoes. As skaters are going to move, very dynamic effect can be achieved. Interactive non predictable light illusions can surprise us. Non skaters with 1 Lysbille light can fix it everywhere on their clothes. Human creativity can light-up trees, cars or everything else.

In the end, as memory on Frost 2014, it can become your key chain or next Christmas-tree decoration. Lysbille light is made of plexiglass snowflake cut out on laser cutter and light up with white LED light with little battery. It is hanging on a safety pin.