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SEO EUROPAN12 urban planning

Bærum, Norway, 2013

Project Team: Martin Boleš (SK), Erika Bányayová (SK), Pedro Pena (CH), Daniel Zarhy (PL)


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Bærum site holds great opportunities and challenges – how can it be integrated in the greater Oslo region and in Sandvika and at the same time maintain a unique identity? How could we intervene in a post-industrial area? How could we re-program it to create a vital city? How can the site re-adapt to current and future needs?

We define three main areas, forming a gradient from the natural to the artificial. We propose to create a natural reserve on the eastern side, to rehabilitate the river banks and thus to preserve the natural area and biodiversity. Further west, the Hamang factory becomes the centre architectural piece of the site. We propose to demolish the later extension to the factory on its eastern side and to create a park that can accommodate different temporary programs (such as a summer pavilion, circus etc) and social events. On its other side we concentrate the new built volume, defining a new urban plaza that is defined by the new development, the Hamang factory and the office building and is stretching until the river.

We do not wish to create a new dentity to the site but rather to crystallize and enhance the existing one: the mountains and nature on one hand and the industrial character of the buildings on the other. We start the architectural operation from a volume of an industrial building – one that is completing the urban composition with the Hamang factory, the office building and the river.